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Control your smartphone via text messages


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Tickle My Phone is an app that lets you control your Android smartphone remotely using text messages. With this app, you can carry out all kinds of actions by sending text messages from another smartphone.

The way Tickle My Phone works is pretty complex, but basically you have to do the following: install the app on the smartphone you want to control, tick the 'Hide Tickle My Phone commands' box in 'Manage SMS/Text message rules' (if you don't want to show information each time you carry out an action), and that's it.

Once you've completed those steps, all you have to do is send text messages to the smartphone you installed the app on. You can take photos, call numbers, make the smartphone vibrate, connect or disconnect from Bluetooth, and much more.

Tickle My Phone is an interesting app. It can even be dangerous if you want it to be. How? Well, if you install it on someone's smartphone without them knowing, you can make their smartphone do all kinds of things without arousing suspicion.